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Elaine Benton was born in England in1963. She inherited Gaucher disease, a rare chronic genetic

disorder from her parents. To date, there is no cure for Gaucher Disease but in 1991 she began to

receive a new long awaited medicine, in the form of infusions. At the age of 44 Elaine was diagnosed

with Parkinson’s disease. Having two chronic diseases makes life very

difficult, but she remains in good spirits.

Elaine’s optimism and sense of humour provide the valuable tools and

coping mechanism she needs to deal with Gaucher and Parkinson’s disease.

She is a remarkable young woman, who brings inspiration to all, touching

people with her personal battle, always with a smile on her face, and a story to tell.


Elaine decided to use her experience and insights to produce a collection of poems. Her book

"Parkinson's, shaken not stirred!" describes what it means to live with Gaucher and Parkinson’s

disease. Using the book as a platform with which to give support and hope to other young patients

suffering from chronic disease, the book will enable them to relate to similar situations, and to know

they are not alone in their struggles. Elaine’s aim is also to enlighten others and spread the word by

bringing knowledge and creating greater awareness of Gaucher and Parkinson’s to the general

public. The poems tell a very personal story of Elaine’s daily struggles, giving an honest yet raw

picture, she tells it exactly as it is. Some poems are serious, others are light hearted and funny, but

all come straight from her heart and personal experience.

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"Parkinson's, shaken not stirred!"

Living with Parkinson’s and Gaucher's disease

by Elaine Benton

A collection of short poems, from a lighthearted point of

view, written by a young women, suffering from

Parkinson's and Gaucher's disease.

It gives words of support to other sufferers and brings

greater awareness of Parkinson's to the general public.


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The response to this book has been phenomenal, and the hundreds

of messages that people have sent, attest that Elaine is sending

forth an important message to sufferers of chronic disease, their

families and friends, those in the medical field, and people who

struggle with other difficulties in life.

The book is inspirational, uplifting, and definitely shakes one up. It’s

impossible not to be stirred by Elaine’s passion for life and

unshakable determination. 

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"The poems were straight from your heart- with an underlying desire to educate and encourage others, both those suffering directly, as well as

the care givers of those with a degenerative disease, and the public in general.

You examine from all angles some of the emotions that you wrestle with as well as the physical pain and symptoms you face. Your poems allow

an honest look into your daily life and the brave ways you constantly face each new challenge, they can only be an inspiration to anyone that

reads them."

Taya, USA

"This is a must have for anyone with Parkinson's or any chronic disabling illness and their Carers. It makes you laugh, cry and understand."

H. Davis, England

"This touching collection of poems manages to be entertaining while giving the reader a glimpse into the mind of someone suffering from two

debilitating and restricting diseases. The writer takes us with her through her treatment and many intimate aspects of her daily life while

remaining positive at all times. Impossible to read without smiling."

Steve, London

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"The focus of the book deals with how Parkinson's has, and has not, changed the author's life. She still carries on with her daily life, albeit with

some modification. She explains how she manages to remain optimistic about her own future. Her experience and wisdom would serve other

Parkinson's families well (patients and care givers.

I wish this book had been available when my father was diagnosed with Parkinson's so I would have known what to expect in the years to


Josh S. Washington, USA

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"For suffers of any debilitating chronic disease there are always so many factual, informative and therapy books out there. But now here is a

book of poems for the soul, which needs as much nourishment as does the body. Make time to sit, read and breathe, time to understand that

you are not alone but that there are others feeling what you feel, going through what you are going through. Written with humor yet

acknowledging the hardships and difficulties that this disease creates in daily life.

For those not "lucky" enough to be born with the happy gene draw strength and hopefully a renewal of motivation to live each day, each

moment to its fullest as does the author Elaine Benton a sufferer of both Gauche and Parkinson's a particularly vicious combination."

Ash, Israel

I feel it was instructional and your telling all others afflicted with the same (and other) diseases, that is okay to feel the way they feel, to embrace

it. It's also a 'hats off' and thank you to all of us caregivers, lovers, spouses, families who don't give up the ship. Thank you for making it easy to

read. I was amazed at all the different subjects touched upon.

Kate, USA