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Slipping Through Time

A Mystery and Adventure story

This is a mystery/adventure story where a seemingly ordinary 12 year old

girl visits a museum on a school trip, which turns into an extraordinary

day, as events beyond her control unfold.

Inexplicably Emma slips through time finding herself far from home and in a situation resulting in

challenging circumstances filled with drama and suspense. Unaware that destiny is calling; every move

Emma makes ultimately changes the future of those around her and eventually that of her own family.


I have just completed reading your story "Slipping Through Time" and thoroughly enjoyed it in spite of

the fact that I am not a child.It really was a fascinating and gripping tale. Very exciting . Impressive

work. Congrats!


Well done on the other book. I have downloaded the book (I like children's books as well!


Just back at my desk and read this.....excellent! Well done! When is the book out in printed form?

Sounds like you are the next J Rowling! Kind Regards,

J. Kaye

YOU ARE AMAZING!!!! Stay with it! you have real talent and I am just so happy for you! All the very



Dearest Elaine,

I'm not a 10-13 year old but I really enjoyed it.  I wish you lots of luck and feel very strongly that you're

the next JK Rowling.

Lots of love,

Jackie B.

You really are a 'wonder' - turning adversity into a talent. 2012 will see you receiving either the Pulitzer

prize for 'Parkinson's - shaken, not stirred' or the Booker prize for 'Slipping Through Time' - or maybe

both. Keep writing, keep smiling. Love,



A Silver Lining

A Humorous Story of a Woman Battling Gaucher and Parkinson's Disease

Elaine Benton's story is one that we can all relate to. One does not have to have a chronic

illness, or two as in the case of Elaine, to be able to feel the connection to her story. This story

shows us as ordinary people who go through ordinary difficulties; by looking on the bright side,

and finding a silver lining, understanding the lesson to be learnt is just a different perspective

on an event that allows us to weather our daily troubles. A seemingly simple message.....and

one that we should all take heed of.

A Silver Lining is the humorous story of a woman battling Gaucher and Parkinson's disease

who refuses to give up, and uses a sense of humour to get through each day. An eternal

optimist always managing to find a silver lining despite great adversity. Elaine's story will make

you laugh, and touch your heart while it carries a serious undertone of what it's like to live with

chronic disease whilst maintaining a positive and cheerful attitude.


Benton’s life has been one of great physical pain and increasing disability. Blows such as these

seem like a recipe for bitterness and depression, but Benton decided at a young age that she

would “make the best of a bad situation; put a smile on my face, be cheerful and in good

spirits.” Judging from this book, her efforts have been successful. Her illness plays a very small

role in this memoir. Rather, it acts as a backdrop to a series of gentle, mostly humorous

anecdotes about everyday life.

She relates the story and her other anecdotes in a warm and charming voice. Although her

subject matter is different, the tone of the book reminds me of All Creatures Great and Small.

When Benton does mention her diseases, she generally uses a comic approach. Benton’s

purpose in writing this book is to challenge the stigma of disability. Just because she suffers

great pain or needs crutches or a wheelchair, she is no less a person with the same joys and

sorrows as anyone else. The truth of this statement is amply demonstrated by her pleasant

book. It is a light read, but I enjoyed the time spent in her company.

B. Morrison, Author and Poet

A Silver Lining' is very insightful for many readers, whether suffering from PD, Gaucher's or

other debilitating disease. It is written by someone who sees herself as a survivor, not a victim

of circumstances beyond her control. With an unquenchable spirit to find that silver lining in

everything which comes her way. It should be a primer for anyone newly diagnosed with a life

threatening disease. Elaine answers with honesty and truth, queries concerning Parkinson's

and Gaucher's even before they are asked, either because of the patient's embarrassment,

lack of knowledge/understanding or as it sometimes happens, we don't actually know what to

ask. This book sounds like a face-off between two diseases and Elaine's will to squeeze every

ounce of happiness out of life with caring, love and an endless amount of hope that at least

one of her conditions will be eradicated in her lifetime. She seems to say: Bring it on; I

challenge you with every cell in my being! Very inspiring.  


This new book by Elaine Benton reveals to the reader the most innermost thoughts and

feelings of the writer who whilst suffering from two chronic diseases manages to maintain a

wonderful sense of humour and realism . She has shared with us her world of pain eased by

love and well being. We can all learn a lot from Elaine's witty writing. Bless you Elaine Benton.

Peter D.

You are combining your love of writing; caring for others, your pain, extremely positive

personality and rolling it into a force bigger than yourself! By allowing the natural flow of life to

come into yours, you are letting go and letting in', as they say - and the final product is

phenomenal - nirvana.

Kate - USA

I read your book "A Silver Lining" on my PC and thoroughly enjoyed it. It is light-hearted, easy

to read and passes over the important message that as sufferers, what we lose in some ways

we gain in others. We are certainly not looking for pity only acceptance and respect. You do a

great job getting our message over and I admire you for this. The beginning of the book filled

in the gaps about your life for me, as I've been reading your Blog daily for the past year.

Jackie B.

I'll Blog Till I Drop

To mark writing a daily blog for a whole year, the entire entries have been made into a

book which you can download for FREE.

The aim is to offer support and comfort to fellow Parkinson's sufferers and acknowledging

caregivers' difficulties which are often overlooked. Writing candidly from personal experience

and straight from her heart on varied topics related to living with disability and chronic disease,

in the hope that sharing her experiences, those in similar circumstances will be able to relate

and realise they're not alone.


Great idea the blogs being made into a book. It's good to hear of your sharing. I only wish my

Dad would still be here to take advantage of it. He felt so alone in his struggle - we didn't even

have a support group at that time.


I absolutely love the concept of what you are doing. I am so in awe of you taking a diagnosis

and turning it into a life mission to help others. Best of luck as you spread the hope and joy.


You are an inspiration to all your blog followers as life must go on, and get as much as you can

out of each day.



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